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Here at ProspectX Fitness we offer a variety of custom programs that are made tailored to you. Weather you need a short term or a long term plan our team is right for you. At ProspectX, our team has many options for our clients when they choose us to create custom plans for them. But our main priorities are that you feel like you are getting the most out of your programs, you understand every part of the process and have fun doing it!

What ProspectX Offers 

Equipment free Programs
Weight Loss Programs
Weight Gain Programs

We offer customized fitness programs for beginners. Our experienced coaches and trainers work closely with clients to design a program tailored to their specific goals and needs. Whether it's building a foundation or achieving specific fitness goals. We provide the support, education, and motivation necessary to help clients establish healthy habits and reach their full potential.

The amateur customized fitness programs are for people who have a basic understanding of fitness. Those that just needs that extra focus and education to get them the necessary understanding for a more effective workout. Helping you efficiently reach your short or long term goals.

The Advanced customized fitness programs are for those who have experience working out, but need to expand there horizons and fitness knowledge. Showing multiple variations to target body parts and help you reach your personal best without injury. 

This weight free program is different from what our clients say they have seen. This program is specialized to mainly calisthenics and plyometrics (that involve little to no equipment). 

Do you feel like your not at your desired weight and don't know where to start. Have you plateaued and can not get over the hump! Our coaches have been trained to target your obstacles and effectively power you through them. We will also help with nutrition suggestions and recipes if requested or required.

Are you feeling like it is hard to put on weight no matter how much you work out and eat! Our coaches are trained to hep you with those exact problems. This can include several strategies, including nutrition suggestions and recipes.

Beginner Programs
Amateur Programs 
Advanced Programs 

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