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ProspectX Baseball


Welcome to ProspectX!

Our founders Ethan Cohen and Sean Harel both share a love for sports that reaches all the way back to their early childhood. Both founders played little league baseball until the age of 6. Sean branched off due to a injury that cut is baseball short. Ethan continues to play baseball today having participated in two junior Maccabi games and eventually being scouted to play for the York University baseball team. Ethan will also be competing in Argentina for men's open fast pitch softball. With their experience both in the world of sports and philanthropy they have partnered together to create ProspectX. A company that strives towards improving players as well as developing crucial social and teamwork skills that will help them throughout their lives. We encourage all kids to come participate in our camp as we have instructors for each skill level. Our promise to you is that we will provide a fun and inclusive camp that will help you grow as both a player and a person!


ProspectX Baseball



When signing up and joining our ProspectX community we will do any and everything we can to make you, our clients feel comfortable with all programs and activates we offer. Our goal here is to also build a big athletic community where you can get enough guidance to succeed in baseball or any other sport you play also.


As part of our baseball programs we always encourage team work weather its people you know or others you have just met. Our goal is to give have our students feel comfortable enough to meet others and be friendly with fellow trainees.


ProspectX has many set goals, with new ones, always being added to the list, but one of our biggest ones is encouragement, we always use this word around our staff and our clients. This is because being encouraged to push your limits and encouraged to expand your horizons, is what every person should set out to do to be the best at what they do.

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At ProspectX we don’t just focus on developing your talents as a player, we make sure that we teach important physical and mental skills that will be used all throughout their athletic lives. We teach skills such as leadership, problem solving and most importantly teamwork. There will be plenty of team building activities and exercises throughout the duration of the camp. Our teachings will be tailored to each individual on their strengths and weaknesses allowing them to grow and become the best they can be. All our instructors are well trained in their respective settings allowing us to help each player grow in their favored position. ProspectX has a strong belief that success starts young and we intend to teach that in both sports and in life as well!

Alexa Young, CA

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